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A Return of Sorts
last modified: Monday, September 06, 2010 (1:18:41 AM CST)
I dont want to collect cels anymore.

I got into too many financial issues because I bought so many gorgeously expensive cels when I couldn't afford to.

Yet for the first time since '07, I bought myself a cel.... which has now turned into 3 cels Ive bought.

I thought my new cel was just a remnant from an unfinished transaction that happened years ago, but it seems that instead of not really caring about it.. I feel that desire for cels rekindle.
Immediately, I located and purchased two Zenki cels.

Not too long ago, I had decided that maybe I shouldnt hold on to something other people might cherish more than I would as my cels just sat on a dusty shelf for the past few years, but someone told me to keep them all.

I dont really know where Im going with this, but.. perhaps expect some more activity out of me, be it selling or buying =)
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Kaminari's bad two months
last modified: Sunday, August 26, 2007 (12:53:31 PM CST)
Uck, I dont mean to sound whiny or anything, but the last few months have been hell...

No seriously...

It all started on July 11th around 4am...
I pull up to a broken down aircraft I need to take a picture of for my boss. I set the lights and step out then raise my camera for the shot when suddenly the vehicle starts rolling toward the plane.
I panicked and went towards the car reaching out to the open door when it closed on my right hand and dragged me a few feet while the car hit the wing of the plane and twisted it around so that the other wing came between me and the car. My hand was ripped out resulting in tendon lacerations, a severed thumb tip and the worst being my ring finger "degloved" by the ring I was wearing. That of course meant my finger was amputated.
Ive been out of work since on workers comp with quite a few doctors visits and occupational therapy as I cant move my fingers too well anymore.
And yes... Im right handed...

In the meantime a slew of other bad events occurred:

A. My hard drive fried and I lost all my recent files including some nice artwork.

B. I had to pay $130 to put a cat that wasnt technically mine to sleep on the day my brother came to visit. (He had kidney failure and I couldnt stand to see him suffer as he was a sweet cat.)

C. SMJ finally got my last payment on some items they had for me for a while. I mean, I even sold cels I loved to pay them off. Now the package has not arrived after almost two months and they refuse to be cooperative in helping me locate it.

D. Im in a debt settlement program that hasnt been doing its job and now Im being sued by a creditor.

E. My mom lost her job.

F. My uncle had a heart attack.

so yeah, I could probably put some more, but I think you get the picture.

I did get something really good out of it though, but its a secret ;-p
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Kami Needs YOUR vote !!
last modified: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 (6:17:27 PM CST)
Dearest cel-collecting friends o' mine!

This Kami of super niceness and of adorable cuteness and what not needs YOUR help for she is locked in a bitter battle between the female-hatin' gamer Zak who is the anti-cute.
Unfortunately for me, in this contest I got pitted against an ultra-popular forum mod.
I have one more page to do and then VOTING starts!
The person with the most votes wins and I dont have nearly as much support.
Therefore, I have come to you for your help in supporting me. I want so badly to continue. If I had gone against any of the other people I wouldnt have had this tough of a battle.
So, please *pouty face*
Support me?

If you contact me, I can tell you when the last page posts and voting starts as well as how to vote ^_^

You probably will have to sign up for an account, but its free and takes just a moment. Here's the thread.

Thanks again!
Imma post this in a few other places too, so you may see it again ^^;

My full gallery will be open again by tomorrow (got a lot of hidden cels to reveal)with a few extras and minus some other.
I also recently sold off one of my precious Ifurita cel T-T

Take good care of her GB!!

and I got a promotion at work and a new kitty with a fluffy bob tail!!
His name is Inuki =)

oninarou [at] hotmail.com

I wanna share art with YOU! =D
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Hooray for webcomics ! The Vanished Kami..
last modified: Saturday, October 28, 2006 (2:39:28 AM CST)
Hey everyone.
Its been a rough time for me and cel collecting has, well, become non existant. Im still paying for some that were really expensive so Ive got some more on the way, but as far as me buying.. Well, its not happening anymore. Ive been working 25+ hours of overtime a week just to have some extra money saved up in a special untouchable savings account and for creature comforts. I really suffered though. I was always tired and overworked.. The stress has helped me gain weight eventhough I was very active in my job. I also had problems with my bank account so my paypal account got suspended.. my ebay one too.. I changed banks but those other problems havent been resolved.
(Things are looking up though.. maybe I'll win the lottery soon, lol... but you have to play to win >.<)

In the meantime, Ive become addicted to drunkduck.com when a friend who wanted me to kick my cel habit introduced me to the site and the world of webcomics ^_^
I started my comics Narou and Oni No Noroi as many of you may have known and they've gotten quite a following.
Ive also improved quite a bit thanks to them and my investment in a tablet!!
This fills a great hole in me and makes me so very happy that people have been reading and enjoying them (since everything else has been bleak otherwise).

If you'd like to see, the links are here:
A tale of a beast like "elven" wanderer named Narou and a cute little orphan named Ran who follows him around.

Two brothers believed to be cursed by an oni in their youth walk a path of tragedy as they grow up to be samurai enemies in a feudal Japan setting.

And finally, this one contains Narou spoilers because its the prequel in that its the story of the epic legend that led to the society in Narou, so only read it knowing that..

Plenty of bishies for the bishounen lover !!

So thats what Ive been up to... Why Ive disappeared.. why people have been upset with me for not being around.. life took its toll and I found a way out through a time consuming yet rewarding past time.
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6-6-6 Update
last modified: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 (3:50:21 PM CST)
I know I said I wouldnt post anymore art her, but I just had to share my 6-6-6 Kami cosplay with the world since its a once in many, many lifetimes date of pure evil invented by pagan haters.


Hope you like it !!

Also, I reopened my gallery and posted some of the long time coming soons that finally arrived in their respective series galleries.

Dakki (Houshin Engi aka Soul Hunters) is awesome...
I mean, wow... what a great wishlist cel to have found =)
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End of my artwork promotions - join the list !!
last modified: Monday, May 22, 2006 (11:52:42 PM CST)
Im not going to be sharing any more of my original artwork here or on anime beta anymore if you didnt see that message there already.

I made a mailing list you can join where I will show my artwork and discuss various story ideas and current plots from Narou and Oni no Noroi.

This is only for people who were interested and enjoyed seeing my art posts. If you didn't and dont really care either way, please move on.

It is an open discussion forum via email. You send an email to the list email address and everyone who subscribes will see the email and can respond where everyone can see by replying to the mail

to subscribe send a blank email to:

My only rule is participation ;-p

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Yoshiki color test !!
last modified: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 (11:35:32 PM CST)
Yoshiki is the bad guy in a project Im working on.
This image is a doodle that I cleaned up a bit (it had words written all around and even over it) then colored to get the skin tones and hair color I wanted for the character.

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Gallery For Offers (dont hate me for this)
last modified: Sunday, May 14, 2006 (5:16:23 PM CST)
I know a few of you hate to see these kinds of posts on the weblog, but, I really need to post this.

My gallery is again back up for offers.

There is a section of 53 cels Im desperate to unload called cels for offer. You can find a big mix of cels from a variety of anime series.

Other cels are up for offers unless they say "NFS" or if they are a Zenki-related item.
Ive got some DBZ, Valgaav, Slayers, etc up for grabs.

I will not accept offers for those unless you send me an amazing offer that tells me you're desperate to have that cel no matter what it takes.

Of course, there are a few that I will just plain say no.

Im also doing art commissions of original characters for $150 which includes a character design, pencil drawing, and cg coloring.

Samples available upon request.

I need to raise at least $27,000 as quickly as possible and selling my collections and artwork skills is part of my plan.
(and without selling my car)
I am also looking for a second job, probably at an FBO. Maybe even a legitimate work at home business (HA!!)

So if you can please help me out...
Serious offers only...
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Wishlisting: Cels I still havent found
last modified: Saturday, May 13, 2006 (2:05:42 AM CST)
I was thinking about cels Ive always wanted that arent on my wishlist and made this list:

1. An awesome closeup of Orphen (Im picky about it)
Ive tried to get a few from collectors. No luck =(

2. Closeup of Aikawa Hiroya from Fancy Lala (hair down)

3. An awesome Queen Beryl closeup cel (picky)

4. Human Inu Yasha closeup (long time coming)

5. Yokai Inu Yasha closeup (another long wait)

6. Cherry closeup from Saber Marionette J (picky)

7. Ferio closeup from MKR (picky !!)

8. Shuten Douji closeup

9. SSJ4 Goku (picky)
Ive got one I know I want for sure it the seller will ever sell him.

10.Sakura closeup from Sakura Taisen

11. Kagato closeup from Tenchi OVA

12. Closeup of Malachite from Sailor Moon

13. Closeup of Neflite from Sailor Moon

14. Closeup of Jin from Yuu Yuu Hakusho

15. Ashram closeup from Lodoss War OVA

16. Pirotess closeup from Lodoss War OVA

ummmmm, thats all I can think of right now..
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A Samurai I showed before
last modified: Sunday, May 07, 2006 (2:40:44 AM CST)
For those of you who saw my photo of a drawing I did that was meant to look old samurai style for a bishounen character called Ookami...
This is what the finished product is:


The kanji on the side says his name Ookami daimyo
(ookami meaning wolf and daimyo a lord... feudal warlord more specifically in his case)

The red kanji on the bottom is for Kaminari

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Meanasaurus REX !!
last modified: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 (7:02:04 PM CST)
I finished a drawing today I thought I'd share.

Here's the story behind it:

I was talking on the phone with my friend and at one point I called myself a meanasaurus rex after being pointed out that I was saying something obnoxious about someone. (cant remember what I said or who it was about)

So it became a running theme.
Meanasaurus rex found its way into our regular dialog.

The other day I was sitting at work when I got the idea to draw my mascot character Kami and her love interest Spastic Elf (based on my friend) dressed as dinosaurs. More specifically, I wanted her to represent a Meansaurus rex.
So I started doodling and got a lovely result. I drew her in costume smooshing something with her foot. I thought long and hard about what it could be to show her as mean, but not sadistic.
The first thing that came to mind was a bunch of flowers.

Then I wanted to draw Spaz.
but should I draw him normal or keep the dino theme?

I went with the latter and sent a text message to my unsuspecting friend asking him to name his fave non t-rex dino.
He replied "Ankylosaurus"

and this was born:
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OMG Crying !! Gotta get off the cel craze
last modified: Sunday, April 30, 2006 (11:33:36 PM CST)
I lost a cel today that really upset me.
I had really wanted a cel of Ashura from RG Veda for a while and then two showed up and I managed to get one but not the one I really wanted.

I was pretty sad that I lost it.

Needless to say I thought long and hard about my cel addiction and decided that perhaps I need to get myself into collecting something else instead.
I keep going for expensive cels and Ive really suffered because of it.
Before cels, I collected anime plushies and anime lapel pins... Much cheaper !!

Now, Im thinking about airline collectables..
In fact, today, I bought a few pins featuring the logos of a multitude of airlines including a few defunct carriers like PanAm and TWA. (well, PanAm is making a comeback, but technically they are still considered a defunct carrier)
I also might get a few air carrier models.

I dunno why but Ive really been interested in the airline industry (historically speaking) lately. I dont work for an airline and frankly wouldnt dare commit my life to it. They say airlines come and go but the airport will always be there ;-p

but ummm yeah..
Im gonna go cry over losing that Ashura cel now..
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New Narou comic posted again
last modified: Sunday, April 23, 2006 (11:19:16 PM CST)
You can check out the new issue of Narou (issue 3 part 2) here:

Ive also got three issues of Oni no Noroi done in the drawing phase. Its a story taking place in the Sengoku period (warring states/feudal era) that follows two brothers whose fate is intertwined under the premise that two are cursed by a demon to follow a path of tragedy and death.

In addition to that, I thought of doing a cute comic about where I work: an airport.
Basically it would be about a multitude of situations Ive encountered from my perspective as a general airport CS rep at a small regional airport and now as an OPS agent at a major international airport.
If I start it, it would be called "Expect Niner Left" which got stuck in my head when I worked Gate Control and listened to tower ground control all day telling pilots to "expect runway niner left" (9L).
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New Narou comic posted
last modified: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 (6:53:13 PM CST)
If you didnt know, Ive been posting a decently made comic at drunkduck.com called Narou which is a fanatasy type story which will have dragons and gods and elves and fox spirits and wolves, etc.

You can check out the new issue (issue 3 part 1)
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wow.. I cant believe I made rent.....
last modified: Friday, April 14, 2006 (10:18:54 PM CST)
I only had to walk on friggen water to do it.
So NO ONE attempted to buy anything from me on time and my bank account still suffered from -$150 AFTER my paycheck direct deposited. (and I make $14 an hour so thats a big chunk that was overdrawn due to this bill).

My last hope was a cash advance on my discover card. Guess what? No one does Discover cash advances around here. I went to five banks, two of which were recommended by Discover, and was told only visa or mastercard. I have one of each of those, but not enough limit and one cancelled recently.
I came home and fell on my bed crying uncontrollably. I wanted to ask my friend for help, but I couldnt do that. My parents were my last resort..

I called....... no answer....
I called my friend and cried to him about it, but he didnt have the money to offer.

Finally, I get this wild ass idea...
I logged on to western union and managed to send money to myself. Within 5 minutes I was at a location getting my cash.

You have no idea the relief I felt.....
Like an amazing burden lifted off my chest and crippling my bank account further.

but at least I have a place to live still..

with that said:

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Some stuff
last modified: Thursday, April 13, 2006 (11:45:03 AM CST)
News news news:

a. I made a decision to leave Beta for reasons I wont go into (though I'll definitely go into it on my LJ that no one here knows of). Therefore I'll be posting more around Rubberslug again =)

b. Today begins my quest outside of selling cels to raise money for my rent and to dig myself out of this hole by tomorrow. Here's to hoping my direct deposit I signed up for two months ago doesnt start today. That way I can cash my check at another place and have the money for rent. Id still be screwed in my bank account, but thats better than being homeless 700 miles from your family in a place where no one can really take you in.
Last resort I guess is a cash advance.. I dont even know if I could get enough with that.
Or.. I could live at the airport (FLL-where I work) >.<

c. My Narou webcomic is going fairly well.. I just posted a bit more and will post again Saturday like always. Ive also started work on Oni no Noroi, another project of mine with some lovely, sadistic samurai bishounens in the feudal era.

Time for work then, see ya !! wish me luck
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dull Relationship stuff
last modified: Saturday, February 11, 2006 (10:03:12 AM CST)
About 7 1/2 years ago, I frequented a chat room in a program called V-chat. It was there that I met a guy using the name Spastic Elf. For those not familiar with this long dead Microsoft program, you could make multi-picture avatars that floated around in a virtual world. His was an adorable elf head of his own creation and mine at the time was Sasami though I had many more.
Anyways, long story short, we started talking on ICQ and continued several years after that. I became very attracted to him although all our relationship had been was IM.. For the longest time I didnt even know his real name or what he looked like but his personality seemed to shine above anyone elses. His name I discovered on my own through investigative work using little clues he didnt realize were there. Then, he eventually sent me a few low quality pictures; the only ones I would ever receive. Over time he began to discourage my feelings towards him more and more until a long period of time lapsed when I didnt see him online anymore.
I was heartbroken.
I even tried dating... three guys and none of them worked out. I was too much in love with that elf. Even if I couldnt talk to him anymore or could have a normal relationship with him, I still desperately wanted to.
We resumed talking before I went to Germany however and it was while I was in Germany that he called me for the first time. Our relationship grew from IM to phone calls, but he still would get highly discouraging of the concept of us. I just couldnt say no, so one day I decided to go to him using an excuse that was at the time pretty legitimate. He became angry that I did this, but I went regardless of whether he'd be there or not and he was...

We had a great time together.. I was even more in love with him after that, but as I left, He wouldnt kiss me and said "just friends"
He had a talk with me after I returned about how he couldnt see us being together and became very upset.

I came again after that with a friend..
Again, great time.. but the same response.

The third time, I met with the same pre-trip anger and felt bad but went anyways because Im so stubborn.
This was the first time we kissed.. and it was the most amazing kiss I'd ever had.

The cycle continued once more..

Can I visit?
You shouldnt..
Im coming to visit..
I go anyways..
great time... more kissing..

The last two times, a year later from the first time, I didnt ask and he didnt act angry. I said I needed a vacation the first time and he just naturally came to me and yes, we had fun, but he didnt kiss me this time.

The last time was when I came for the job interview and I got the job.

Much to my suprise, he seemed happy..
And ever since Ive been here he's been there for me and yes, we've kissed quite a bit =)

I dont know where this is going to go but I have a great feeling right now.

Sounds crazy doesnt it?
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I cant believe Im in Miami for good !!
last modified: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 (9:22:48 PM CST)
wow, a hellish 14-hour drive by myself packed only with my essentials (all the anime collectables I could stuff in my car) and now here I am lounging in a touristy hotel on south beach awaiting tomorrows big search for more permenant lodging.

Im so anxious to let the feeling of being closer to him sink in

(a little tired and now somewhat tipsy, dont mind me)
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OMG Cel Happiness !!
last modified: Monday, December 26, 2005 (2:27:44 AM CST)
I just found and bought a new chibi ZENKI cel =D

Im so glad no one else found it before I did ^_^
I was really worried that it wouldnt be available anymore as it was part of a recent update at a popular cel store.

Ill post it as soon as it comes in !!

(no preview cause of the watermark. I dont get paid to advertise, or steal images when I could get caught.)
*looks from side to side*

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not ignoring or avoiding anyone
last modified: Saturday, December 17, 2005 (10:30:28 PM CST)
I am soooooooooooo busy lately =(

My lack of updates, posts, emails, etc are due to my constant desire to do, well, nothing..

Work is really tough on me.
I work roughly 12 hours (630am-630pm), in a town thats 30 miles away and was trashed in Katrina, renting out cars to people at the only rent a car store within a 30 mile radius...

and Im ALWAYS dead tired... when Im not working, Im usually drawing and/or talking to my fave man.

so, yes..
I am around... and no, Im not ignoring you if I never respond to any emails or feedback..

Im just dont have the motivation right now to be internet social..

In other news, Im working on releasing issues 3-5 of my webcomic by January..

I got behind when I started my new job, but Ill get it up soon..
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To you Cat Pic Lovers
last modified: Thursday, November 24, 2005 (1:42:18 PM CST)
I added some more pics of my cats to my photo gallery if you'd like to see !! =)

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A Missing Kami
last modified: Monday, November 14, 2005 (6:33:48 PM CST)
In case anyone is wondering what happened to me, Im out of town still.
Tuesday I worked all day at the airport until about 11:30pm.
Wednsday at 7:30am (well, it was more like 10:00am with the fog), I flew to Miami to see my sweetie =) and was there until Saturday night when I got home at about 9pm.
Sunday, I slept until noon, then went shopping for nice chlothes until 3:30pm.. At 4:30pm, I was travelling again arriving in my destination at roughly 8:30pm...
I drove from Mobile, AL to Birmingham, AL; normally a 5 hour drive.
I will be here in B'ham until Friday afternoon doing training for my new job..

and believe me...
Im exhausted !!

no time for cels =(
I had a whole slew of new arrivals when I got back, but too tired to scan them before this trip...
soooo, maybe this weekend..

Oh and my bf's bday present never arrived on time =(
It came in the day I left for Miami after I was gone..
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Celebrating 5000 hits
last modified: Friday, November 04, 2005 (1:06:58 AM CST)
whooo !!

Measly cels reaches 5000 hits !!

*waves a little flag and eats a little cake*
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IM contact set up (finally)
last modified: Sunday, October 30, 2005 (9:43:02 PM CST)
Ive been avoiding IM for a while now simply because I just dont have the desire to use em anymore (used to have Trillian to make sure I had everything), but not anymore..

I have, however, decided to get mback on microsoft instant messenger...
so if you want to contact me via IM

the email to add me is wanderingmagician hotmail.com
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Rare JMusic posted
last modified: Saturday, October 29, 2005 (2:57:05 AM CST)
Hello !!

If you dont check the forumns regularly, I just wanted to let you know that Ive been posting some of my Jmusic each week to share it with others.

If youre interested in being exposed to new music, then check it out !!
This week Im featuring CLOUD whose singer I believe is the same as Manabu in Beck. (although it could be coincidence that he had a band called Cloud.. I really dont know the name of Cloud's singer)

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no good BD present yet =(
last modified: Sunday, October 23, 2005 (3:55:35 PM CST)
My boyfriend's birthday is coming up next month and Ive been searching for a cel of a character named Zangetsu to get him for his present...

I found a cel that would be perfect from him... same series, but a different character (the Chief) that he likes very much..
I bid a lot on it, but I still lost..

Im pretty upset about that... It would have been the perfect replacement..

I also lost another cel from another series that I thought he may have liked.

Now, I dunno what Im gonna give him..
Running out of time.

but on a lighter note, I did win a new Zenki phone card, lol..
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Winner by Default
last modified: Saturday, October 22, 2005 (8:32:47 PM CST)
I won an amazing cel today by default...
I didnt know that someone had outbid me. I just saw that I had won and had a huge bill to pay for it.
Then, I finally happened to check my email.
I had an outbid notice and was like
I just paid for it !! lol..
Then beneath it was a message I had never seen before. It was telling me that I had won the item because the outbidder's bid wat either retracted or cancelled.
Maybe the bidder realized what they were doing and backed out. It was a lot of money. Or maybe the seller just didnt trust them.

Now, I really dont know what to make of this.
You'd think I'd be bouncing off the walls happy and thanking my lucky stars, but, Im not so sure really.
For one thing, all that vacation money... gone..
Now, there were two things that might not allow that vacation in the first place. a. Hurricane Wilma and b. a new job... So that isnt too terrible that I spent the money..

Anyways, I guess for now I will huggle my new Sesshy and love him to death =D

P.S. How come paypal wont let you use a credit card when you have a paypal balance?
That's pretty damn annoying >.<

Oh yeah, and someone please buy my Shuichi pan cel !!
lol, $500 is a GREAT price for him T-T
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last modified: Monday, October 17, 2005 (3:23:37 AM CST)
I have sold the following cels:

Ryoko - $300
Sesshy - $400
Duo - $480
Shuten - $80
Otaru - $25

Thats $1285 Ive earned in the past three days... and it feels damn good !!
Now $350 went to pay on Ifurita and $31 went to pay part of the final Inuyasha Kiss scene payment..
That's still $980..

which means one thing.... I CAN GO ON VACATION =D

I was upset that I couldnt go on vacation next month because of a huge increase in plane tickets and hotel fares. It was going to cost me $850 roundabouts... Now, everything will be fine ^_^

Now I need some vacation spending money !!
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Passed up for promotion
last modified: Thursday, October 13, 2005 (10:44:26 PM CST)
Pardon my language, but I FUCKING HATE my job...

I hate my damn boss especially..
Ive worked for this company for 2 1/2 years earning far less than I should, and I dont get any respect from anyone.. Instead they just screw me over just to hold me in place because they know that Im the glue that holds everything together in my department.

My last boss was forced out. Well, she quit after the company decided to cut her pay and give it to their young upstart yes-man whom they made her boss. Things have spiraled downhill since then.
He promoted one girl for one supervisor position who definitely deserved it, but then slammed her with all the work for our department as well. Then, an administrator position was created for my department. It was not offered to me, which was fairly offensive. I had to apply for the position. Now, as I said, I have the experience, 2 1/2 years worth with exceptional reviews, and I had all of the education requirements..
The perfect candidate.

Well, I was all pleased with my interview until I found out that the new marketing associate applied. My heart sank.. I knew that she would ruin this for me and she did..
Today, I was told that I didnt get the job..
Why? Because apparently Im a negative person who says I hate my job I want to quit and I shouldnt be rewarded for that.

I couldnt believe it.. and I cried in front of him. He's fucked me over again..

Several months ago he had my evaluation from my previous boss thrown out and I was denied my previously approved yearly pay increase. He cited that he was going to give me another review that hasnt happened yet.

I really hate this... I really do..
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Two words you hate to see on a cel parcel
last modified: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 (4:37:32 PM CST)
Stamped in big ass letters on a partially bent, dirty envelope that wasnt sent with insurance.
I almost freaked out but thought that maybe its okay.
So, I dig into the package and fish out my Zenki cel.
It perfectly fine, and simply gorgeous !!
I was quite relieved !!

I also got my Valgaav OP cel today that I missed yesterday after waiting in line at the post office for thirty minutes. It would have been longer if an employee from the back hadnt asked if anyone was just picking up mail.
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New acquisitions, goooodieee
last modified: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 (4:22:44 AM CST)
Okay, so I got a few the past week.. (Bye Bye paycheck)

On eBay, I bought a Giant Robo cel of Gin Rei and Daisaku. I also won a goofy Sanosuke from Kenshin that I didnt expect to win -.-*
but I'll love him anyways, lol.. for now.

On YJ, I won my highly desired OVA1 Ifurita. She was expensive and used up all of my bid limit at SMJ. Now, because she was so pricey, Ill have to give up on the close-up of Cutey Honey dressed as the girl from Sukeban Deka which I could bid on without a deputy, but just cant afford her now.
From the same seller of that cel, I won a few other Giant Robo cels. The usual: Go, Genya, and Robo.
I had wanted the Alberto, but if you look closely, you can see it has damage.

On websites, I sent an order to Anime Asylum for a Valgaav cel. So far no response, but Im very eager to get it as Ive always wanted it.

I paid Celga today for a cel that really struck me as one I had to have on a Japanese website.
Its Kikyo and Inu Yasha kissing (actual kiss close up, not like the insanely-priced one on eBay, although this one wasnt much cheaper).
Once the sale has been secured, I'll post it..

To see it now, use the password g0k1..

As far as ones I should have received by now but havent yet, my Valgaav OP cel from Anime Museum and Zenki cel off eBay havent arrived yet.

And Xeno hasnt contacted me back about buying all those other Zenki cels =(

I wantses them *pout* *pout*
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Doujinshis are weird
last modified: Monday, October 10, 2005 (1:46:46 AM CST)
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So whats up with me?
last modified: Thursday, October 06, 2005 (12:15:40 AM CST)
Oh, nothing much..

I added my new yokai Inu Yasha.. Of course, I could kick myself for buying it because a major wishlist cel of mine just showed up on YJ and is already at a high price..
Well, its not the exact wishlist cel, but its from the same sequence. Thats good enough for me !!

I may have to part with that new Inu Yasha for her.. =(

My Yue cel was secured and paid for, so I finally got the Yue Ive always wanted.. I good headshot where he's smiling.. =)

I also got my Makoto cel and he's gorgeous.. Im thoroughly convinced now that he's from the first OVA.

Ive also got a new Zenki cel from episode 6.. So check that out too if you want !!

I should be paying off what I owe to MP soon so I can finally get my X cels ;-p
Since she's all happy with her dream cel and Ive still got nothing to show for it ! lol...

On eBay, my sells have sucked.. and my Nina cel from Words Worth with her nipple showing got taken off because it violated their policy of not listing stuff that "caused arousal for viewers"
Oddly enough, the one where she and Astral are having sex is still listed..

Oh and I finally finished the next issue of my webcomic !! hooray !!
I feel a bit accomplished now
And thats all Im gonna say about that...

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**OMGC** T_T
last modified: Thursday, September 29, 2005 (12:41:30 AM CST)
Well, it pains me so very very much...

but just as I was about to delist it and keep it, I sold my Gaav and Xellos cel..

In other news, and incoming Yokai Inu Yasha is expected !!
I will also be trying for a wishlist Yue.

And my Sesshy was delivered today, but I wasnt home so I have to wait until tomorrow =(
Clef came the day before yesterday.

but still,
Im sad about my recent departure =(
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To El Hazard buffs: Series ID on a cel needed
last modified: Sunday, September 25, 2005 (8:43:43 AM CST)
I just got this lovely Makoto and Im trying to determine which series he's from. I know its not from OVA 2&3.. Id love for him to be from the first OVA but Im sure he's probably from the TV series because I just say the entire OVA a week or so ago and dont remember this scene.

Can anyone help confirm this?
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Word on Clef in Limbo & other arrivals
last modified: Thursday, September 22, 2005 (6:16:17 PM CST)
I finally got an email from the seller of my "coming soon" Clef cel that has been in limbo for months.
He's in the mail and I should get him soon =D

Sesshoumaru will be here sometime next week. The seller says that she's too worried to send it with the hurricane being there. I understand her concern, but, we're just getting a few rain showers and clouds from it. I want my Sesshy T-T

Shuten (Samurai Troopers) and Van (Escaflowne Movie) should arrive tomorrow.

Today, I got Tora and Asako from Ushio and Tora in the mail from a collector who was reluctant to sell, but Im very thankful to her !! Ive always wanted a Tora cel !!
I also got my cel of Gourry about to attack with his sword, but can anyone tell me if this is a bank cel ?

Also, somehow I screwed up on a paypal payment..
I dunno how.. Im pretty sure I did it right.
but, umm, Im probably going to hear some upset people soon >.<

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New Arrivals and updates on last post
last modified: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 (4:15:04 AM CST)
First off, Id like to continue on my last post and say that Vega is a fan cel.. Im about 85% certain on that. Ive been trying to open the auction but SMJ is down for some reason. After closely comparing the cover to the movie and this cel, they do not match. They are the same image but there is more detail on him in the cel I have (different shading and such). The eyes are also different. So, unless he's a hanken for a card or ad or something, then he's definitely a fan cel.

Also, I FINALLY got my 5 cels from Prismpalette, who I recently got my marron cel (bakeretsu hunters) from but through the deputy. So, after several months of confusion and craziness, I can finally say that my Shadow Skill and Ushio and Tora cels have arrived.
The Shadow Skill cels are gorgeous. The colors are amazing. I was impressed with them. Not sure if she's from the OVA or TV version though.. I think maybe TV..
The Ushio cels, well, I was a little upset... both Asako cels had damage.. One more so than the other.. but bloody-fanged Ushio was perfect !! He was the main one I wanted anyways.

Hopefully, Ill get Clef who has been floating in limbo soon. Also, my Sesshy hasnt been confirmed as shipped yet =(
Im anxious to get him !!

Van, Shuten, and Garlic Jr will all be here by Friday !!
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Need info - cel without sequence number
last modified: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 (7:18:08 PM CST)
I just got my Balrog (aka Vega) cel in the other day and Im a bit concerned because it lacks a sequence number. I cant help but think that perhaps its a fan cel eventhough Im certain that the auction did not say that it was. In fact, the seller didnt even really know for certain he was from Street Fighter.

Does anyone recognize it from any of the Street Fighter stuff?


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El Hazard OVA 1 - OMGC T-T
last modified: Sunday, September 18, 2005 (4:41:07 AM CST)
I decided today to get out El Hazard OVA 1 and watch it today. Its been years since I last saw it... My videos were so dusty..Heh, they're even the old VHS releases with the plastic cases that were discontinued ages ago by Pioneer.
I wanted to freshen my memory of the series; Ifurita in particular. When I see a cel of her, I hesitate because I dont want that OVA2 Ifurita look alike.

And you know..
I cried at the end of the last episode...
When Makoto returns as she watches the sunset..

I'd kill for the scene where she reaches out to him


Ive got one cel of Ifurita... just one...
and I do anything for more !! Especially the one just mentioned and any of Makoto x Ifurita (OVA1 only)
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FFVII: Advent Children problem
last modified: Thursday, September 15, 2005 (11:54:57 PM CST)
Am I the only one who watched Advent Children and could only think of Cloud as Sasuke from Naruto?

(same seiyuu being the reason)
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Arrivals and Departures
last modified: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 (7:49:18 PM CST)
Ive got some arrivals coming, hopefully, that will take care of any "coming soon" items I may have ^_^

My cels from SMJ shipped yesterday.
That includes: Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry cel (SMJ), Edge cel (SMR), Balrog/Vega cel (SFII), Cutey Honey cel, Gene cel (OS), A couple of GR cels, and Utena.

Ive sent payments to some sellers last week and earlier this week, so hopefully I will get Clef (long story about kontonkesei holding this one up so long) and my super expensive, super gorgeous Sesshoumaru ^_^

I should also get my Ushio and Shadow Skill cels soon. I missed them because of Katrina and the seller was pissed when I emailed him. I didnt know where the hell they were and he said they got sent back to him and bitched that it costs money to send them.
I tell you, if you ever want to buy an item from prismpalette, then use a deputy because it sucks to deal with him.

Also, Im very happy to announce that I may be acquiring some new Zenki cels after a dry spell in my favorite series to collect from =D
I was offered some to purchase that are simply amazing and I could just huggle the seller to death !! ^_^
Ive even found a screen cap for one of them and have identified the episodes for each !!

Im also waiting for some domestically shipped cels. Two from Ushio and Tora (one being of Tora and the other of Asako) and one of Gourry from Slayers.

As for departures,
I sold my Trunks cel from the RS shop during my weekend cel (you had to look at the cel to see they were half price or another percentage off). If you are interested in any in the RS shop, you can always make an offer even if it says no.

I may not get my Van cel in my Escaflowne section =(
Mandarake has not sent me an invoice since the auction ended. I have also not been able to continue the sale on their website. After a few emails, Ive had no response and the ten days passed. This upsets me.

Also, I had to cancel my devilman transformation cel until a later date. I may not purchase it from that person later on because I found another like it with the BG on another site that doesnt require the a money order sent overseas. I really hate doing that.

And my final departure:
The Ranma and Purple-haired guy cels that didnt belong to me were shipped back to SMJ monday !!
So you guys will get your cels back soon hopefully ^_^
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Just some blah blah on my new cels
last modified: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 (1:14:31 AM CST)
Well, I'll start off by announcing that I finally found a cel of Ifurita that I didnt mind buying. She's my favorite El Hazard character and Ive been very reserved when it comes to buying cels of her because I didnt want one from the second (or is it third?) ova.. Why? because that isnt really Ifurita. Well, it is but it isnt. She's another one, but not the same that had sparks with Makoto.
Also, Ive posted in my wishlist my ULTIMATE WISHLIST CEL.. Id give up everything to find the cel or watercolor or whatever that comprised the scene of Makoto holding Ifurita from the end of OVA1 that the image in my wishlist cel is of.

ANY ANY ANY help in me locating and buying this cel would result in many years of worship!!

Also, found a new super-expensive Sesshoumaru to add to my gallery on a Japanese cel shop website.. He may not be smiling slightly like the one I really badly wanted on YJ, but it works for me. That one I didnt bid on because I wanted some Robo cels. Now Im glad I didnt go for it because I ended up getting Robo and him !! I really wish the seller would use paypal though. Im gonna have to send a friggen IPMO for a big amount.

I also bought a scene of devilman transforming from this site. For some reason, I have this thing for the Go Nagai character Akira (aka Devilman). Ive been looking for all incarnations of him. Any leads as to finding some cels for sale of him would be much obliged.
If you look in my gallery, Ive got a few of him from Shin Cutey Honey. Ive also got his Devilman Lady look-a-like Takeshi.(I wouldve said counterpart, but that would actually be Jun).
Somebody else wanted that cel bad too.. The price was really high. I feel kinda bad sometimes when I outbid someone who really wants a cel from a series I hated. I wanted the cel. Its amazing, and It fits my Akira genre, but Im not a Devilman Lady fan.

Another random short rant:
I found it amusing how the hits on my Words Worth cels of Nina and Astral are pretty low... like 3, 5,etc.. The last one.. that naughty naughty cel that I was almost embarrased to post is at like 33 hits, lol.. craziness.

Okay, Ill go now..
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Hurricane Survival
last modified: Thursday, September 01, 2005 (5:24:47 PM CST)
Thank you to those who were a bit concerned about me during hurricane Katrina ^_^
(a report from Mobile, Alabama)

It was quite a doozy, if you hadnt noticed already.
I got my power back on today. Its been out since Monday morning.
There were huge trees down on power lines and homes in my neighborhood, but we were spared any major damage except for our roof.. We lost some shingles so we'll have to fix it.
We were also robbed the night before the hurricane.
Nothing major... a chainsaw, belt sander, and a rotary saw... You know, stuff you need to help clean up.
It was miserable without air. The temp was around 97degrees with 100% humidity.
I didnt really get any sleep, but at least I wasnt sleeping underwater like Biloxi/Gulfport/New Orleans which are not far from here.
Our downtown area flooded too... about 15 feet of water they said spilled into the city. I live about 8 miles from the waterfront so no big worries for me.
The pictures were very hard to imagine actually being true.

Its still hard to get food at restaurants. A lot of places are damaged and others had food spoil due to the outages. Cold drinks too..
I could kill for an iced soda now.

Gas is a real FUCKED UP situation.
I had filled up before the storm and felt lucky. The lines are literally a mile long when one station opens. Most are sold out or dont have power. People are fighting over this and some are even siphoning gas from cars at night.
Today, on a whim, I got in line because I was just under a half a tank. I needed to make sure I had enough to get to work and back this week.
I just knew though, that if I waited in that long ass line WASTING gas that Id get to the pump and theyd be sold out.
I waited 2 hours.... and managed to fight off one cheater who tried to cutthe line.
So now I have a full tank of premium... though my car is the regular only type.
but it really sucked.. it really did.. AT one point, the attendant even waved his hands like they were iout and some people left. I'm really glad I didnt.

even at work (Mobile Regional Airport), we're getting people from Mississippi and New Orleans desperate to fly out of the region since all of our flights are operating or just find someplace cool with warm food. Its rough for everyone.

uhg, Im very tired..
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Stuck Sketch Removal
last modified: Thursday, August 25, 2005 (6:50:54 PM CST)
Ive got a little problem with a sketch and Im looking for some suggestions to a solution.

I just got my Firey cel from CCS and the sketch is stuck good to the cel.
I really want to get the sketch off the cel without damaging either of them. Well, no damage to the cel and minimal to the sketch which is less important to me.

Any hints or suggestions?

He really would look great with a nice background.
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Someone Else's Goodies
last modified: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 (2:52:35 AM CST)
I got a shipment in from SMJ and found some cels that werent mine.

I did the right/decent thing to do and reported them with the intent of returning them =)

SO, if you won and didnt receive a lot of two Ranma cels or are the one who didnt get an old school Macross (or Gundam?) guy with purple hair, then I have your cels by mistake and will send them back to SMJ.
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Which cel to feature?
last modified: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 (10:19:35 PM CST)
I want to submit another cel for the featured gallery. Currently, I have one of Goki from Zenki featured, but I think Id like send another.

Any suggestions on which I should submit? =)

Preferably something from a series that hasnt been featured before.
I wanted to submit my SMJ cel of the three marionettes, but someone else has one from the series on there.

Im thinking Ushio from Ushio and Tora or perhaps the closeup of Akira from Shin Cutey Honey (which happens to be my favorite cel)
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You know, around...
last modified: Sunday, August 07, 2005 (12:37:33 PM CST)

I havent been around much lately...
But I am here..

I am also proud of my new acquisitions ^_^
I love to get cels from a rare, neglected series.

This week I won 3 new Ushio and Tora cels (no Tora though T-T), Sexadoll Edge from Saber Marionette R (I can't believe no one else wanted that cel), and some great Ping Pong Club (a most fucked-up series if I may say so) cels which Ive already been complimented on XD
(Now if I could only find one from that series with Tanabe in the Giant Robo hat)
Ping Pong guys were cheap too.. only like 500yen each.. o.o
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First YJ win without a deputy
last modified: Saturday, July 30, 2005 (11:08:26 PM CST)

Yaay, I bid on and won my first item on Yahoo Japan without going through a deputy. Its pretty exciting kinda... lol

A few weeks ago, I followed very nice walkthrough about creating a YJ premium account

I did it mainly to bid on some more expensive cels that the seller would ship internationally on. Unfortunately, I needed a certain amount of feedback before I was allowed to bid. Thus, I had to use the deputy and pay the huge fees.

Finding another seller who catered to foriegners with an item I could tolerate and afford proved to be difficult. Last night I placed my first bids, losing one and winning another.
Im not so much excited about the cels which are from Shadowskill, not too interested in that series, but the cels were nice, as I am about the impending feedback. Building feedback is of course my primary objection with the bid.

I sent the seller a message in Japanese to be fair to them since I would expect someone to email me in English. Although my language skills are sub-par, I hope they will appreciate my effort ^_^

but for now, I await a response to the email.
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Cosplay help needed
last modified: Thursday, July 28, 2005 (4:13:52 PM CST)
Can anyone recommend to me a very good cosplay designer?

I want to do the whole cosplay thing at Anime Weekend Atlanta in late Septemeber.
I have a complete Fudomine Uniform, but Im sure there's gonna be a tone of Prince of Tennis cosplayers there. I was the only one really at Yasumicon, but AWA is like 100x bigger.

So I want something unique..
Not to steal Rhey's idea, but I was thinking about maybe the Iron Chefs.
There will be three (possibly four) of us going, and there happens to be three (sometimes four) Iron Chefs (or someone could be Kaga).
I could be Sakai (since I wear glasses), my brother would be Michiba (I only accept him as the true Iron Chef Japanese, not Morimoto or that other guy) , and my cousin could be Chen. Then, my brother's gf, should she go could be either the Italian chef (whom Ive actually never seen an episode with) or Kaga.... but, my cousin would be a better Kaga.. So maybe she could be Chen, lol..

Other than that, I wouldnt know what to cosplay as that would be different.

Maybe the Count of Monte Christo from Gankutsuou?
Zenki would be crazy expensive for a good costume.

Kukuri from Mahoujin GuruGuru would be easy... Just finding a staff would be hard.

Valgaav would be neat too, but, not on me..


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GAH !! WTF?!? (bitterness)
last modified: Thursday, July 28, 2005 (2:58:38 PM CST)
Okay... Ive decided... Im not collecting GR anymore..

I liked the series and got so many because I didnt have any problems getting them...
Now suddenly, people are coming out of the woodworks for them.
I was a good girl, I didnt want any of them offered now. I went for one I shouldnt have been outbid on and friggen lost it.
Yes, Im being a sore loser... but damnit..
There's no point in me continuing to collect a minor series that Im gonna have crazy competition on when previously, I enjoyed cheap winnings..

My collection could have been complete !!

More money to spend on ZENKI !!!
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A Little Promo Art
last modified: Monday, July 25, 2005 (7:32:56 PM CST)
I put a new little piece of promo artwork for a webcomic Ive been playing around with in the private gallery section.
If you'd like to see, the pass is g0k1.

Its a quite busy and colorful picture..
I wanted to have all the characters in one shot so I wasnt aiming for simplicity in particular, but also, Im a shitty artist, lol.. That's the real reason.

Im probably going to run a sepia filter over it and do some torn edges to make it old parchment-like kinda like with my dragon and tiger circle.

Hopefully, Im going to get the first comic done soon. Ive started working on it, but of course I need to finish the drawings and color. Then I have to set the webpages up. Ive already got the main page completed. Its as gaudy as ever, lol..

Zya neee~
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Today's Arrivals
last modified: Saturday, July 23, 2005 (4:15:01 PM CST)
I got my Zenki cels (and others) =D

I guess waiting did pay off. I was going to give it until today then email the seller, but the package was here when I got home from work. He shipped all of my cels from the two times together which was nice, but meant I had to wait longer and paid double the shipping *frown* unless Im special and got this nice plastic cel case because of that, lol. Most likely everyone got one though..

So that means I now have all my cels I was waiting on except for the ones that were just won (a Chiaki, Sesshy, and some Robos).
The rest of my junk came in yesterday =)

The sad thing is, Im already thinking about selling most of them =(

As Ive whined about before, I need money.
I have to pay off some bills and get my savings built back up so I can move from Mobile, AL to Miami, FL where I plan on attending grad school and be with the man Ive loved for 7 years..
I went to visit him a few weeks ago and it hurt to leave. I want to be with him there permenantly, and getting rid of my cels is the only way I can do it unless I got a super-awesome second job (riiiight).

Thus, to save money, Ive stopped cel collecting with the Chiaki I won..
I will buy some more cels, but only from Zenki and Giant Robo (Zenki more so).
Im also building a cel shop to post on my kishinzenki.com website for interested buyers because I have some shitty luck with eBay.
I dont want to GIVE them away which seems to be what eBayers want. Heck, $60 for those 4 CCS cels was below my cost with deputy fees and I didnt get a single bid..
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last modified: Saturday, July 23, 2005 (7:06:44 AM CST)
Ive been looking beyond cels for stuff to sell and making mental note of what I have that

would be worth money..

Lets see here.. Plushies..

I have:

Inu Yasha Rival series Sesshoumaru (7")
Inu Yasha DX Raffle prize Sesshoumaru (14")
Inu Yasha Jumbo DX Raffle prize Inu Yasha (20")
Tennis no Oujisama DX snake Kaidou (14")
Tennis no Oujisama Ryouma in Karupin costume (7")
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi DX Edward Elric (14")
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi UFO Edward Elric (7")
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi UFO Alphonse Elric (7")
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi UFO Armstrong (7")
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi UFO Winry (7")
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi UFO Roy Mustang (7")
Bleach DX Ichigo (14")
Bleach DX Kon (14")
Hikaru no Go DX Fujiwara no Sai (14")
Naruto original UFO series 2 Gaara (7")
Naruto original UFO series 2 Sasuke (7")
Naruto original UFO series 3 Naruto (7")
Naruto original UFO series 3 Kiba (7")
Naruto original UFO series 3 Neji (7")
Naruto original UFO series 3 Shikamaru (7")
Naruto original UFO series 3 Rock Lee (7")
Naruto original DX Naruto with scroll (14")
Naruto original series AKamaru (7")
TY Bear Germany Rot
TY Bear Germany Schwarz
TY Bear Germany Gelb
Care Bears Jumbo Grumpy Bear plush (the last one I saw on ebay went for $200 !!)

Assembled and painted model kit figures:
Giant Robo Taisou
Giant Robo Gin Rei
Giant Robo Daisaku
Giant Robo Alberto
Giant Robo Tetsugyu
Giant Robo Genya (damage: pinky finger broken off)
Giant Robo Dr. Shizuma (damage: one spider hair broken off)

Unopened Figures:
Slayers Try Lina Inverse
Slayers Try Filia
Sakura Taisen Sakura in kimono
Onmyou Taisenki Kogenta (I just got these *sniffle*)
Onmyou Taisenki other Byakko black tiger character
Mamotte Shugogetten Main Character (forgot her name -.-*)
The Simpsons series 1 Mr. Burns (don't ask why I have that)

I think it would be too hard to part with any of these, but if I sold them all, I could probably get about $2000...

I also have a crapload of anime VHS tapes, 400+, that dont interest me since everything I have is on DVD now. Id rather replace them, provided I really want to for some of them, with dvds.

I think its time to open up a shop O' Kami's used anime collectable crap !!
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Anyone watch the anime Monster?
last modified: Friday, July 22, 2005 (3:50:19 AM CST)
As a big fan of Monster, Im dying to see the next episode.. In fact, I want to see the rest of the series RIGHT FRIGGEN NOW !!
lol, but alas, I think in Japan, its only at ep. 62 (a total of 72 were planned).. and the fansubber have only made it to 58.
Anyways, Im interested in other fans opinions and what they think is going to happen.
Interpretations of Johan's actions... The whole key to the twisted family and life of Franz Bonaparta and the rose mansion experiment... The weird possible brother that was just introduced a few eps back.. Will Jan Suk ever run into Nina ?!?
You think Tenma and Eva the super-bitch will get back together? lol

I want to know what you think !! =D

Also, for those who havent heard of Monster, you should check it out ! Anime Kraze is doing an awesome job of fansubbing it.
Its about a Japanese doctor living in Germany, Dr. Tenma, who saves a boys life instead of the mayor's because he came in first and last time the situation similar arose, he ignored the first patient to operate on the famous opera singer. When the poor Turkish patient died, he felt guilty.. So anyways, the boy turns out to be a killer and Tenma, framed by him, is out to stop him while avoiding the authorities.
Its a really good, highly refreshing and unique anime. The theme is a psychological thriller mixed with drama and political commentary. The artwork is unique. While not overly stimulating, it blends anime-ish art with a hint of realism. The designers are also the same who did Giant Robo and Lunar so you can see similarities in the character designs.

My biggest beef with the series is that while it maintains a high level of suspense where youre dying to see whats next, it also lags in some places. Like, it introduces a lot of useless one episode characters presumably for filler. I got a little stuck in the 20 to 30-ish episodes, but when I finally got through them, I wasnt disappointed !!
Also, Im a little bothered by its stereotyping of Germans and German society (which is oddly somewhat Japanese; imagine that)
Also, by that I mean, I find it funny that they all speak perfect German... uhhh, Japanese... all except the Czech himitsukeisatsu (secret police) random expendable agents.

Ack, RANT...
Anyways... your Monster thoughts?
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Where, oh where, could my Zenki cels be?
last modified: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 (6:01:16 PM CST)
Its been since June 29...
On that day I won an awesome lot of 4 Zenki cels which included two wishlist characters.
On July, err, 11th I believe, I won another Zenki from the same seller..
I also won his Gaav w/Xellos, Yagyu Jubei x2, and Mosquiton x2....

Today, on the 20th, I have none of them and the seller's feedback is loading up with happy customers from both of these times.

Why am I the lucky non-receipiant?
Of two seperate times no less...

I'll give it till Saturday.. If I dont get them then, I will email the seller and complain -.-*

I need my Zenki =(
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My Giant Robo cels
last modified: Monday, July 18, 2005 (12:43:59 PM CST)
If you're reading this because you like Giant Robo cels, Im probably going to thin out my collection some. By that I mean, Im going to weed out the ones that I feel dont really make my collection sparkle.. The filler in other words. Like the little Genyas, Albertos, etc.. Maybe even a Robo or two (certainly not the better ones though).

If you're interested a particular one, then feel free to ask about it.
I will entertain any offers.
90% of my "Coming Soon" section is in transit and I should have it by Wednsday.
I will label as "NFS" those I wish not to part with.

On some new GR acquisitions:

Why, oh why, did the bidding competition not try to outbid me again? lol
one more bid !! just one more and they would have won..
I was gonna give up at 15000yen and it ended at 14500yen.
Deep down I kinda hoped they would for my poor bank account's sake T-T

Really though, what is it about Robo with his hand out?
Ive lost a few like to other bidder that but got the others of just him easily.
I dunno why he's more desireable although I do think this particular cel is amazing.
It want up $90 over opening bid between me and one other person.

I guess I wont try for Sesshy now.
Not that I could really afford him. He's gorgeous though *sigh*

Anyways, I won 4 new expensive cels of Robo and two of Daisaku, all completely awesome ^_^, which can be previewed in my Giant Robo Coming Soon section shortly.

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Gonna stop soon..
last modified: Sunday, July 17, 2005 (11:29:53 AM CST)
After some losses this morning for an amazing Gaogaiger and some Slayers, Ive decided to quit collecting for a while..
There are some Robo cels Im going to try for and an Inu Yasha that I'll probably lose though Ive been saving and beefing up my bid limit for it.
After that though... I shouldnt be updating for a while except for adding cels I have yet to receive...

I need to pay down my credit cards, so I was trying to milk some of the worth from cels I didnt have a great attachment to. Ive even dropped prices and may do another price cut before they end.
(except on Grav just to make bitter people sad. I probably would have, but when people get a little attitude, I tend to get snooty, especially when they don't know the circumstances..)

I want to move to Miami soon and If I hadnt gotten into cels, I could have done it by now.
Visiting there reminded me of that.
Seeing *him* again also reminded me of something even more special than a cel.
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Cels on eBay
last modified: Friday, July 15, 2005 (12:42:28 AM CST)
I just listed some of my older cels on eBay.
They probably wont sell at my insanely high prices, but it doesnt hurt to try !!

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Its really sad when....
last modified: Sunday, July 10, 2005 (11:14:28 PM CST)
Its really sad when you watch an anime and constantly point out which scene your cels are from.

I did this when I was watching Giant Robo today with my boyfriend..
"Oh I have that cel !!"
"There's another that I have !!"
"My ---- cel is from this scene !!"

and we both kept saying
"Oh I want that cel !!"
"That one would be awesome !!"
"$500 cel right there.."

lol ^o^

so silly are we..
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New Cels, Yasumicon, and a Hurricane
last modified: Saturday, July 09, 2005 (11:51:26 PM CST)
Ive been on vacation since Thursday...
I came to Miami to go to Yasumicon.
I was a bit upset because some auctions I wanted to win were ending soon, but luckily, my hotel has complimentary wireless ^0^
Of 9 auctions, I only won 4 because I tried to snipe them all and they all ended within a minute of each other.
I won 2 Makai Tenshou (Ninja Resurrection), 1 Zenki, and a nice cel of Gaav holding up a beat up Xellos... I really wanted the Shuten cels though =(
and my bid would have won them too, but the connection was so slow that the auction had already ended.

So tomorrow and earlier today, those nasty Dennis feeder bands slammed into the Miami area. The wind was very strong and there was so much rain blowing sideways. I begged my friend who lives here to stay with me instead of going home, but he insisted he had to leave.. I was worried for him cause the roads would be horrible. The power also went out yesterday. I had no lights, no air, no tv, no internet, no alarm clock until later today.

So today, I went to Yasumicon, a small anime convnetion held on the campus of Florida International University. It was surprisingly crowded !! I thought it would be some lame thing with about 50 people max, but there were hundreds of people and tons were good cosplayers (of course the crap ones too). I had on my Fudomine Uniform shirt (the version minus the team logo) with some white capris (I have the uniform pants but it was too hot for those). Right when I walked in, some girl cried out "OMG ANOTHER TENIPURI COSPLAYER !!"
She made her friend who had on a seigaku jacket take her picture with me eventhough the girl didnt seem to like Fudomine, lol.. I put on my Fudomine uniform jacket with the logo at that point... but, lol, it was like, suddenly I wasnt cosplaying.. I admit, maybe if I had a tennis racket (which I didnt bring one because I underestimated this con), more people would have realized it.
I had asked them about holding a cel forum, but alas, they ignored my request =(
Still, Yasumicon was not a bust.. I enjoyed it and came out with some cheezy domestic-release items (DX Gaara plush, chibi Sasuke keychain, Kenshin figure, Edward Elric figure).

When I got back to the hotel, I turned on the tv to watch the storm..
Yes, it has left this area.. However, if you know me, you may know where I live.
I live in Mobile, Alabama...
Guess where Dennis is heading?

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Loss and Sadness
last modified: Monday, July 04, 2005 (12:20:16 PM CST)
Goodbye dear Taisou cel... T-T
Although I high bid triple your amount, I lost you
to some jerk on Rinkya.. *cry*

*pouty pout pout*
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Thank god those auctions are OVER !!
last modified: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 (9:40:33 PM CST)
Ive been very impatient waiting to bid on Golden Zenki and Inugami... In fact, I was so anxious about winning them that I actually had adrenaline rushing just before and after the bid/auction close.
I seriously doubt that any remaining bid would have surpassed mine though... I bid up to $250 !! but got them for under $50 thank god..

I actually also sniped two other auction for Mosquiton cels that ended at the same time.. I think the series is not bad, but Ive never seen a celof him I absolutely had to have, but these two were awesome ^_^
I even gave up on a Gin Rei cel for him.

Since Ive sent payment already, I will post them momentarily as coming soon.

Now, hopefully, someone will outbid me on that Weiss Kreuz cel >.<

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Background Clarification
last modified: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 (4:56:01 PM CST)
What meant was, It makes me upset when someone buys a cel (ONE out of a sequence) just for the background then tries to sell that cel with a copy of the background.

I found one recently that I inquired about purchasing and the guy told me he had bought it just for the background, but wouldnt sell the background with the cel. Instead, he said he would make a copy (although the description said original background)..


and I do think the unmatching ones are a real shame..
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last modified: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 (7:41:57 AM CST)
It pisses me off when people make copies of the original background and sell that with the cel keeping the background for themselves..

I can't understand this..
I mean, I know people like the backgrounds, but its breaking up pieces of art that were meant for each other !!

These people can't be considered true collectors


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GIANT ROBO !!! and CB chara ID needed
last modified: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 (10:20:49 PM CST)
Gah, I just can't get away from buying Giant Robo cels. Everytime I look, there are new, better cels at low low prices !

Now, Im a huge fan of Giant Robo...
I think the GR animation is definitely one of THE BEST ANIME OVAs of all time.

Therefore, I can't pass up a good cheap cel.
Im hoping that Ill find some more Magnificent 10 characters soon though.. I finally got a few good ones of Robo (and lost one too) and one good one of Taisou.. Im also about to pounce on a closeup of him.
So, is my Giant Robo cel gallery awesome enough now? lol... I still am jealous of that welcome consumer person's cels though >.< So wonderful !!
So many Mag10 !!

Also, in my new Devilman-related cels from CB Chara Go Nagai World, I bought one that I *thought* was Akira.. but because the series is not just about Devilman, Im not so sure.. He could be any male hero-type character !!
hmmmm, can anyone confirm this?


I really need to see this show ^-^

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Is $600 too much to ask?
last modified: Sunday, June 26, 2005 (1:05:01 PM CST)
Im contemplating trying to sell the OVA naked Ryoko cel that I have in my private gallery (not the TV Ryoko on my public gallery) for about $600...

Do you think someone would pay that for her?
I mean, its a really nice cel and Im certain I could get at least $350 for it, but I want to milk it for all its worth >.<

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last modified: Saturday, June 25, 2005 (3:55:21 PM CST)
I am sooooooooooooo gonna win those zenki cels on eBay right now... I mean, two of them are wishlist characters.. I'll pay a fortune for them..

*hisses at any who may dare to take them*
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last modified: Saturday, June 18, 2005 (4:38:40 PM CST)
Hooray !! The bulk of my cels have finally arrived !!
Theyre all amazing too ^o^
Im gonna be a busy bee updating them all on my site doing rescanning and such.
Also, Im gonna try and scan some more of my Zenki settei, but there are so many of them @_@

There is also a dilemma that I have..
I got a cel with my lot that seems a little too good to be a freebie.. Obviously, I got a few freebies with my cels and thats always pleasant ^_^
but they are generally from the same series or are completely weird unknown cels. This one is a well known character from a well known series. I dunno if I should ask about it or if I should just be happy?

Im not saying what it is, btw, just to keep everyone wondering ;-p
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Quality or Quantity?
last modified: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 (9:03:15 PM CST)
There's someone who has an awesome Giant Robo collection. I mean, they have great unique cels, and I'm completely jealous of them. Now, I have 40 GR cels in all, three of which are rare pan cels, but I feel like I would trade them for just the few that this person has...
Is that silly or what?

My cel of Genya taking Gin Rei's gun was my first cel. Ive been proud of it, and lately, Ive been racking up on cheap GR cels. Maybe I should save my money for one that's really good instead of buying the little ones...

These are measly cels after all...
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Losses and New Obsessions
last modified: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 (11:46:02 PM CST)
Now, Im pretty good at winning what I want because if I want something, Im willing to shovel out the money for it. However, my last two items that I noted in my news section recently were LOST.. They included a cel of Li from CCS and a lot of Yakitate!! Japan sketches. Needless to say Im very upset about this.. I really wanted them and had bid way higher than the current price.

I have also now decided that I will devote myself mostly to obtaining Valgaav (or vargarv) cels from Slayers Try. There are many around and Im gonna find em and snag them up when I can afford to !! Well, that is unless a Zenki cel shows up.. He gets priority.
Im also gonna save up for some cels of Ifurita from El Hazard OVA. I absolutely love her character, but she is and has always been super expensive. The TV version of her is cheaper, but I don't like her much. She lacks ever single aspect about OVA Ifurita that makes her such a great character; including her mutual love interest in Makoto ^o^.
She's much prettier too =|

Anyhoo, off I go..
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something Im considering
last modified: Monday, May 09, 2005 (7:09:51 PM CST)
I may sell some of my older cels.. Eventhough, I dont have too many cels in the first place, Im seriously considering parting with my Tenchi cels (including the ones of Pixy Misa and Rumia from Pretty Sammy)..

but I really dont know.. I need money right now and I kick myself for my recent cel-buying spree. For example: Why the holy fuck did I buy cels of Yue?? I mean, Im not even a big fan of CCS.. I coulda used that money on some GR cels I was gonna buy anyways. I may try to unload those Yue cels once I get them. Naturally, I will expect to get either a higher price for them or a damn good trade. Maybe that's what I was thinking..
Popular character = high re-sale value.

My Ryoko cel could land me anywhere between $100 to $300 possibly...
I'll bet Ranma and my close-up of Gene Starwind could go that high too..

but alas, I dont think I could part with any of them, even Yue..

and I sure as hell am not gonna part with my Zenki or cels ;-p

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blah !! I bought more >.<
last modified: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 (8:48:41 PM CST)
I bought 3 new Gokudo, which each are lots of 2 making it 6 cels, for a total of 3000yen..
I just love the artwork of this series so I really couldnt help myself >.<
Its also bad cause I bought an unusual, antique oni netsuke on eBay for $200.. Im not gonna have any money saved for moving to Miami !!
Also, I won two cels of Vargarv today.. one was 4000 yen, but well worth it.

Now, Im monitoring some Chiaki cels...

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Gah !!
last modified: Monday, May 02, 2005 (2:13:51 AM CST)
Why am I wasting my money and time buying more Giant Robo cels? I could be spending that money on plushies !!! Anyways, so that means I got two more GR cels, but one is of a really hot, young Emmanuel ^o^
Im tracking a few Vargarv cels now too.. I guess Im trying to fill the void after losing a lot of 6 Ushio and Tora cels..

On another note, I registered at Mandrake. Originally, I was going to stay off that site, but I missed out on two awesome Zenki cels because of it.
So beware Zenki cel hunters !! This aggressive, willing to spend a fortune, zenki-crazed collector has broadened her stomping grounds !!
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